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Pool Table is a type of bounded table on which we all play the billiard types of sports or game. The table has the flat surface which is made out of quarried slate and it is covered with a cloth called Pool Table Cover.

The Pool Table comprises of 6 pockets, one each at the corner of the table called corner pockets and one each at the midpoint of longer side bars.

The Pool Table has two different types of pockets, the drop pocket where there is a basket for ball collection and the ball returns where there is gutter that funnels the ball to the collection area.

Best Pool Table Cover

Pool table

The Pool Table also comprises of bumpers which are like obstacles which players are required to negotiate in an effort to drop the balls into the hole located in the opposite end of the table towards their opponent.

The only difference between the billiard and Pool Table is that the Pool Table comprises of 6 pockets. In terms of dimension, the Pool Table only differs a bit and the most common variation found in Pool Table are 10 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet and 9 feet Pool Tables. You will find them in any conventional establishments that have vintage decor.

pool table billiard playing

The residential version of Pool Tables is smaller as its dimension is 6 feet by 3 feet.

The Pool Table usually comes equipped with the 15 object balls, triangle rack for arranging the balls before match and the cue ball. In regards to the cues for playing the pool game, you can expect the cue to be few inches longer with a thinner tip.

But this is completely your personal preference.

What About the Protection of Pool Table?

Pool Table is considered to be the expensive gaming equipment and hence it needs to be protected carefully. With the use of best Pool Table Cover, you can keep the table in good shape and condition for years to come.

The covers for Pool Table has their own peculiarities and unique characteristics in regards to usefulness, features and design and hence it is considered that it won’t be problematic for players to choose the appropriate Pool Table Accessories for covering their Pool Table.


With the right choice of Pool Table Hard Cover one can prevent many things from occurring and protect the table surface from damages that environment has to offer.

It would work as the protective layer of weather resistant cover for the Pool Table which would keep the table dry and free from moisture traps of rainwater.

Your pets can’t scratch the board and the surface won’t get any dent indeed.

You will often notice that debris and dust are being collected on the surface of the Pool Table and you can avoid such things.

What about pets?

Another nightmare is unauthorized visit of the pet on the playing surface of the table and there is also a possibility of spills. So, if you want to protect your Pool Table from all these things ensure to cover it with quality Pool Table Cover.

Protecting the Pool Table is the joy and pride of every game room and you will be amazed to know that there are a wide variety of protective covers for Pool Table that are available.

Covers are available in different colours, fabrics, designs and sizes and also the official licensed covers from your favourite MLB, NFL, and NCAA teams.

There is option to choose from draping style covers which can get the job done efficiently or the high quality fitted versions for custom look of the Pool Table.

You simply need to know the exact table cover size and choose it accordingly.

No matter, whether you are having 7-8-9 feet pool table or the biggest version of 10 feet pool table for which you want a cover, you will definitely find the best suited and right Custom Pool Table Cover for your specific need and budget.

What are the Different Types of Pool Table Covers?

There are different types of Pool Table Covers available in the market. But before selecting the pool table covers you need to understand that these covers have greater influence on the game play because it helps in determining how much resistance is required by the pool ball to roll on the surface.

While buying the covers you will find a large variety of pool table covers. You need to understand that there is no one size fits all covers.

billiard balls

While buying you need to prioritize your needs which would provide you clear view of the options you need. Being the amateur player you have to give hours of practice and thinking before investing in any of the covers.

The material of the covers has greater influence on the amount of friction that it offers to the ball for rolling. If there is lesser amount of friction, the ball would travel at a higher speed.

What material should I choose?

So it is necessary that you choose smoother materials which provide both accuracy and speed. When buying the covers for your Pool Table you also need to check the quality of the fabric.

The lifespan of the Pool Table surface depends on the materials of the covers. Besides, proper installation and maintenance are also necessary to help the surface last longer and stay useable for years to come.

The durability of the covers depends on the amount of plat that the Pool Table experiences. The covers of household Pool Table tend to last longer than the covers of Pool Table in pubs because it sees fewer games as compared to the pubs.

The overall weight of the cover is a good indicator of its quality and durability. The heavy material of covers tends to last longer and sustain the smoothness and accuracy for longer period.

playing billiard

Woolen Pool cover

The traditional and most commonly used Pool Table Cover is the woollen cover which is used in cue game sports. All the fibres in the cover are napped or woven in one single direction and this gives the cover subtle velvet like feel and quality.

However, upon touching the material you can need to the nap and it can be seen with close inspection.

The direction of the nap would decide how to speed the ball will roll and on which direction. So, it is extremely essential that you mark the top and bottom of the table properly.

The one direction nap of the woollen covers adds extra elements of strategies to the game play, enabling the veteran people to curve balls.

Worsted Pool Covers

Unlike one direction napped woollen covers, the worsted covers are designed by weaving the fibres in worsted style.

The woven structure or style of the cover makes it finer, smoother and harder.

This direction of weaving minimizes the friction of fabric and this enables the ball to move at higher speed and also maintain its momentum longer.

You will commonly find the American Pool Tables having the worsted covers, but it has also gained popularity in the pubs across the world.

How to Cover the Pool Table?

After making the wise choice of Pool Table Cover, it is the time for covering your Pool Table using the selected cover.

Before you start covering the table, it is necessary that you clean the table surface properly and check the slates for level and also shim if required.

Below is the step by step guide on How to Cover a Pool Table.

10 things to do…


Leave sufficient fabric for one end of slate. Leave the other side for stapling into wooden frame in places of the board.


Now you need to stretch the cloth tightly across the surface of the table, then staple it in three places.

Stretch the cover from one corner to another and staple in three places into the wooden frame. Repeat the same for the other side of the board.


You have to stretch the cloth tightly from one corner to a side pocket and again staple it.

Repeat this for all the corner pockets and staple the cover at different location. You need to cut a short slit in cloth at the end of the end cantered on side pocket opening and hold the cloth strongly above the slit you made.

Then pull it to side pocket opening and then try to staple to underside the frame when working on wrinkles. Stretch the cover from all the sides and repeat stapling it from all the corners.


Now coming to the rails, you need to place the new cover over the rails with face side down. Ensure to have equal over hang at each end of rail.


Start from the centre of the rail and rap the feather strip down above rear side of feather stip. Stretch the cover tightly from centre towards the end and tap the feather strip down.

Ensure to maintain ½ inch of overhang. Trim the cover on cushion side of feather strip along the length of feather strip with sharp knife.


Tap the length of feather strip flush with top of rail at rear side and avoid tapping the feather strip flush with hammer.

Now turn the rail over and at corner pockets fold the cover over the metered gauge and stretch the cover tightly, while working on the wrinkles when stapling.


After this, you need to pull the cover tightly over rear edge of pocket facing and staple at three places. Now trim the excessive cove form bottom of the rail.


At the side pockets you need to stretch the cloth firmly over nose of cushion and then staple it at three places. Silt the cover if needed up to the edge of cushion nose and pull the small strip to rear of pad.


Ensure to hold the small fold in place with the thumb and fold it firmly down over the facing. Staple it at rear of facing and at the bottom of rail.


For the side pockets you need to stretch the cloth tightly over nose of cushion and then staple it from three places.

These were the steps which you need to follow in order to install the Pool Table Cover. Installing the cover on the surface of the Pool Table would extend its lifespan and using the proper fitted cover would help you to keep the table covered always when you are not using it for games.

pool table cover

It is necessary that you choose the right fitted cover for your Pool Table and for this you have to measure the dimension of the table you have got.

Not only the play surface, but also the measurement of exterior parts is important.

You need to keep this in mind when measuring the Pool Table to find the best suited and fitted cover for your Pool Table. Check for online guide on How to Measure a Pool Table for a Cover.

Things to Consider When Buying Pool Table Cover!

Types of Material

The very first thing that you are required to consider when buying Pool Table Cover is the type of material as it has greater influence on the velocity of the ball and resistance.

As mentioned earlier there are two different types of covers available for Pool Table, but you can also opt for other options like leatherette and vinyl. But, you can also look for other options which are best suited for your game play.


The second option is the size of the Pool Table cover. As mentioned, Pool Tables are available in a variety of sizes it is necessary that you measure the surface of the table prior to buying the best cover for it. It takes only few minutes to measure the dimension of the Pool Table and this would help you to choose the right cover for your Pool Table.

These were some of the factors which you are required to keep in mind when choosing the best Pool Table Cover for your gaming equipment.

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