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When you are looking around while serving yourself, it is the most common mistake you are supposed to do.  While talking to a friend just beside you, it is the most probable thing that may happen. And as you know a spicy hot sauce is an inevitable part of our cuisine because of its taste and aroma. The same sauce may fall on your table cloth, your t-shirt or maybe on the couch while eating. The sauce has the main problem that it imparts a big stain to the material. If the material is white then it may be our headache of getting rid of it.

You can clean the stained part cleverly and save it as soon as possible.

You know, when it gets stained, it is very important to give it immediate treatment. It may help in lighter the stain.

But, when the larger area of the cloth is affected, let’s say the whole bottle of sauce is spread all over your dining table by your child. You need to act wisely.

Most of the natural stains are easy to remove but the expertise needed. In case, the sauce is added with artificial coloring agents, then the actual game starts.

The sauce with artificial coloring agents must have the tendency to impart dark spots that may be hard to remove.

But, every problem has a solution. So, no issue. Initially, you need to be very careful if you are treating it immediately after the stain comes.

How to get hot sauce out of clothes is an art and mechanism in itself. You may feel that it is an easy task, but only a single mistake can make it permanent or hard to remove.

How to Get Hot Sauce Out of Clothes

When it is just stained, the best precaution is to remove the small particles carefully. Do not try to scrap it because it may lead to an impression very strong.

If you can, use a small paper napkin or damp cloth to wipe out the material. It will help to remove the excess particles of sauce. After that, take it to the washbasin, if it is a table cloth or t-shirt.

In a hurry, if you do not find any paper napkin or anything, use bread slice to sponge excess liquid before a washbasin tour. But, it is an important step that may affect the stain capturing process.

While, In washbasin, try to remove the stain easily with cold water. Let the color wash off with water. Do not try to scratch the fabric. It may affect the quality of your fabric so be careful.

After, a simple wash, you may see the stain a little lighter. Now, let’s make it lighter.

Vinegar can help in removing stains easily. You need to wet a cloth with vinegar and rub it slowly on the surface of the affected area. After this, please wash it properly to remove the stain and see the result.

After simple water wash and vinegar treatment if the stain still persists, consider pre-soaking it in normal water with heavy detergent. The Heavy detergents have capable enzymes for stain removal. if it used with powerful stain remover liquid, it has higher chances to get better results.

Overnight presoaking is preferable. But, if you need to use the cloth immediately, you can pre-soak it for 4-5 hours.

The presoaking with detergent may lead to effective stain removal. In case, if it is a fresh stain, the process is easy, but, if the stain is older let’s say 5-6 days or sometimes months, it is hard to remove in easy steps.

For old stains, you may need to follow the presoaking steps frequently to make it lighter.

While presoaking does not use hot water. It may lead to stain retention. Always prefer to use cold water if possible. Try to use stain remover agents to make it significantly effective.

In case, it is a small spot, and you have a stain removal pen, do try it first, before applying any other method for stain removal. There are chances that the stain may get vanish easily by the spot stain removal pen.

If the stain is not removed significantly, and the fabric is white, you can use bleach. Bleaching treatment has effective results on stains with white clothes.

how to get hot sauce out of clothes

Do not use any chemicals

Do not use any harsh chemicals that may hamper the fabric quality. It may make it in a condition that you can not use it the second time. So while going through any treatment, think twice.

After, all these treatments, wash it with heavy detergent in your washing machine. Please turn it inside out to save it from any harm.

After the washing machine round, you may see a considerable difference in its coloring. It is the perfect way you have chosen for stained clothes.

After wash, and before heat drying check it with the stain once. If the stain still persists, you need to repeat the process and do not let it dry. Because dryer may help in permanent stain marks on the cloth.

But, you need to consider the type of cloth before treatment. The cotton and any daily use material can easily apply this method. But, heavy material party wear or any other fabric with delicate characteristics, need special treatment.

If the cloth has the washing instruction as dry cleaning only, then you need to consult the dry cleaner as soon as possible with the piece of cloth. Don’t forget to point out the stain and guide him to take efforts to remove it.

It will help in stain removal with drycleaning. No stains are hard to remove. But, you need to know the techniques to deal with them. It may take your continuous efforts, but you will learn how to deal with stubborn stains easily.

Stains of Sauces are easy to remove but with all the precautions in mind. It should not harm the material quality of the cloth that you want to remove stains from.

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