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Have you ever noticed the hygienic importance of cleaned toilet jets? Toilet jets are the most probable place were the bacterial growth flourish and the toilet jets become way more clogged with minor deposits and numerous amount of bacterial growth. Now, the importance of cleaning toilet jets is to maintain the healthy and hygienic toilet for your family and the deposits may inhibit the water flow inside the bowl. That’s why we are discussing How to clean toilet jets today. Sometimes, you may feel that flush is not working properly in your toilet but you never concerned about the topic that we are going to discuss today. You come out in the overconfidence that your toilet will work properly, and it ends with incomplete flushing. Imagine what the situation would be!! What level of embarrassment you will feel if the toilet is used by your guest? Or you have to use such a toilet as a next and very unfortunate person on this planet??

Let’s find out the best possible way to get rid of such issues at your place. For that, you need to understand how to clean toilet jets.

How to Clean Toilet Jets

There are very small diameter water openings underneath of toilet seat from which the water flows in a circular motion in the bowl while flushing starts. When the water flows in a circular motion it is taken care that all the waste material must be disposed of effectively.

If you found the water speed very less and the waste not cleared properly then it may be the reason. Clogged toilet jets are the most common reason for ineffective flushing.

how to clean toilet jets

There are higher chances of cogging in case of hard water is used in sanitation. It apparently clogs the pores with calcium and lime deposits around the holes.

If the toilet is not flushed properly or the water speed is very low then it is the indicator of the right time to clean toilet jets. If the water tank takes a longer time to finish the flushing cycle then in that case also Clean toilet jets may be the right solution to end up with the problem.

When the minerals get deposited, it increases the chances of bad bacteria contamination inside the bowl, which may lead to dangerous health issues in the future.

In addition, if you have 2-3 toilets in a house, and 1 or 2 are less used from them. Then it might be your headache in daily life. We are here to find the right ways for How to clean toilet jets. So let’s go ahead.

First, you need to check whether it is the problem of jets or the other parts of sanitation while facing the problem. For that, you can add additional water with buckets in the bowl area to check that other parts of flushing systems are working properly or not. If that water easily goes down then the only option left is toilet jets. 

how to clean toilet jets

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Jets

For that, you need a mirror, and seat near the seat. Looking into the mirror faced towards toilet jets, you can easily identify whether it is clogged or not.

If you find scaling of minerals at the surface of toilet jets, then don’t worry.

It could be easily removed. In the case of microbial growth, it is the same process.

But, you need to take care than any other part of the toilet must not be spoiled just because of jets. Isn’t it?

Mineral deposits

  • Heat the vinegar in a bowl until it gets warm and hot. But, not extra hot I mean boiling.
  • Add it to the bowl area.
  • Let it be there for up to half n hour.
  • Flush as regular
  • While Cleaning takes care of the same periodically.

It will get you rid of the problem of clogging if jets with mineral deposits.

Microbial Growth

  • Bleach will work best for bacterial growth.
  • Make a mild solution of bleach with water.
  • Pour it in the tank by removing the tank lid.
  • Wait for around 10 minutes
  • Now clean the holes with the help of a mirror and small diameter wire.
  • Then, start the flush and let it be cleaned with the solution inserted
  • Use the cleaning brush while flushing is on to remove debris.
  • You can repeat this cycle until you get the desired results.

Cleaning toilet jets is the important work to do once in a while.

Let me tell you if you are living in the area where the hard water flows in regular use, you need to be careful.

After multiple attempts, if you can not find the desired results, then please consider using water softeners for your toilet water.

how to clean toilet jets

Slow Flushing Toilet

The headache of one of the toilet problems is a slow flushing toilet. It irritates the user and makes the process more undesirable.

When dealing with flushing issues, keep in mind that products that can harm the toilet flushing system should not be used. It may cause severe damage to sanitation.

Slow flushing toilets may have the root cause of clogged jets. It can be solved patiently and tactfully.

In case, you find the solution that you think may work other than this, best of luck.

In that case, you need to understand the mechanism of the jets working. It may lead to change in some parts of your sanitization process.

But, trust me you should not bear any kind of such issues that can temper the health of your family. It is worth investing and taking steps with care. You might feel that it is not worthy to undergo all the cleaning and observation.

But, I feel that you must know the solution to every problem that occurs in daily life. Please pay attention to such topics that may lead to the degradation of your quality of life and your prestige.

I hope, this will help you to find the exact process for how to clean toilet jets. Happy Cleaning!!

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