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The common scenario men find themselves in the morning is getting up. Like a sprinter who at a sports meet, your phone becomes the major cue to get up, take a leak, shower and brush your teeth.

But here comes the problem. You hit the snooze button 5-10 times as you had a late-night party or feel the drudgery of going to work. Ultimately you are left with just 5-10 minutes to do all the necessary morning activities. So, if this is the scenario that you really end up with each day, don’t worry.

You have the solution. Just combine all the above-given steps. So, where does the importance of the fogless shower mirror come into the picture? Well, just think about it. With a shower mirror, you can shave while in the shower, thereby saving time for you in rinsing, cleaning, etc.

Best Shower Mirror

So, What Is The Problem?

Now everything might not seem to be like a silver lining in a cloud. If you are going for cheap and fog free shower mirror, you might end up with the difficulty of cleaning it. Every two seconds you need to brush the fog aside to view what you are really doing.

Also, based on the kind of razor you plan to use in the shower, an obscured look at your face might get resulted in. It will leave you to go for the styptic pencil for repairing your nicks, only if you are not careful.

Go For A Fog Free Shower Mirror

As clearly stated, it is better if you go for a fog free shower mirror. Check out the online or nearby markets to get one and save your time and face from the ordeal. You don’t want to waste your time or looks which is the positive feature of your character.

Now once you have decided to go for a mirror, the next step is to do research. Initial research on this topic might provide you with some information that you never thought of.

Well, you might have thought of the fogless mirror to be just like a normal mirror.

Sure it is a normal shower shaving mirror and probably it would be having a special coating on it. However, at the end of the day, it is just a normal product like most ones found in the market.

To be honest, you aren’t wrong. However, before you go ahead and purchase a mirror and find out how to keep a mirror from fogging up in the shower, try to gain some details. What details? Well, about how to pick a good shower mirror based on your needs.

Basic Types Of Fogless Mirrors Available

If you examine the various shower mirrors no fog in the market, you might come across three unique options to select from:

  • Heated Mirrors
  • Chemically Coated Mirrors
  • Attached Mirrors (Here it is to the shower pipe)

Fogless Mirrors Along With Coatings

Do you know one of the most famous kinds of fogless shower mirror is the one having a coating? These would have a chemical-based coating to make sure that the fog is at bay. This tech is great only while it started out, but there are chances that it will dwindle with time.

The fogless shower mirror having a chemical coating needs a complete removal from the shower stall especially when it is not in use.

The reason for the removal is to avoid as well as reduce the deterioration of the coating. You have the option to reverse the trend of poor-performing mirrors.

In products like Quick Spit Antifog and Zadro S, you can recoat your mirrors as and when you need them. There is another handy trick you can use. Simply use a warm and soapy mirror water on the mirror surface. This will assist you to keep the fog off from the mirror and that too for a long period of time.

best shower mirror

Fog Free Shower Mirror Having Reservoirs

Mirrors like Brookstone Fogless Mirror and ToiletTree have a reservoir. This is placed directly behind the mirror and will easily help in warding off the fog.

Similar to when you are driving a car while it is raining, the reservoir will heat the glass of the mirror. This will the mirror glass be at the same temperature of the water and steam, thereby easily removing the fog. Theoretically, a fogless shower mirror having reservoirs will last a lifetime even without relying on the anti-fog spray.

Attach Mirrors

Similar to the InterDesign Fog Free mirror, in this option, you can affix the mirror directly to the pipe which is coming out of the wall. This shower shaving mirror will act as an intermediary among the showerhead and pipe.

Now at the top of the attached mirror design, there will be a valve. In this valve, you have the option to siphon off the water that is coming out of the shower and even warm the mirror (similar to the reservoir above).

The only biggest disadvantage of this shower mirror is that it is very much complicated to install.

best shower mirror

Features To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Fogless Mirror

Now there are certain few things you might have to consider while selecting a shower mirror no fog, which can make your selection easier. Some of them are –

LED Lighting For Dark Shower Stalls

Sometimes your shower stall would be incredibly dark. This could be due to poor light or even there are chances that you have a dark shower curtain. In such a case, an LED mirror will assist you to view your whiskers easily (especially true if you have a very thin light-colored beard).

Pivot Head For Ultimate Versatility

Having a pivot head mirror will be best if you are sharing the shower stall with other people in the house (i.e. dorm or apartment). This shower mirror for shaving has the unique ability to point downwards, upwards, side-to-side. So, it would easily work for all those different preferences and heights.

Also, with the pivot-based mirror, you can point it away right from the shower if you don’t want to get splashed when you are making passes with the razor blade.

Razor Hook For Keeping Your Razon Clean

Now not many people have got their own shaving hook. Currently, most of them are using the double edge safety razor but they are those who rely on the cartridge or disposable based razor. For them, they would like the exact addition of the razor hook. No doubt hooks are the best ways to dry off the razor-post shower and this will make sure that no mildew can be created just around the crevices.

Attachment Method For Shower Mirror

Some of the popular attachment methods for the fogless mirror are –

Suction Cups

With such backings, they won’t get affix to the wall and that too for an extended period of time. So, no matter what the hour is (whether it is 7 am, 4 pm or 10 pm), these will easily fall off the wall of your shower stall at some point in their life.

Adhesive Strips

This is more permanent compared to the suction cup. The Adhesive strips are usually available in the form of double-sided tape and it is even attached to most of the surface. Since it has an uncompromising versatility, this method is most often preferred by men who are living in a home compared to the ones who are living in a temporary situation like an apartment or dorm.

Shower Hook

Irrespective of whether it is screwed to the shower pipe that is coming from the wall or whether it is simply hooked right around the pipe itself, the shower mirrors are very much portable. In addition, they are most likely to withstand the hot wet environment of the various shower stalls.

Best Fogless Shaving Mirrors For Men

Shave Well Company

This is a simple, dead and extremely budget-friendly fogless shower mirror suitable for people who are a cost-conscious shopper. It has an adhesive hook and mirror along with the presence of a minimalist design. This will easily serve you well especially for your shower shave.

Now, most of the fogless mirrors will be having a suction cup design, especially at this price point. So, this will provide you with good value. For extending the lifetime value of this free shower mirror, it is recommended that you remove it from the mirror every time you use it. This will surely preserve the coating. Plus, it has a compact design which is 6.8” x 5.25” x .13” design, so, it will easily be able to fit into your favorite daily kit while you are traveling.

Besides being one of the branded shower mirror no fog one, this mirror is very useful for checking the edges while you are shaving. Even it is useful in other scenarios where the mirror is needed.

Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

This is very much similar to the Upper West Collection circle mirror in terms of its nature. Also, this mirror has a pivoting neck. The best part of this shower mirror is that the installation step takes only a few seconds (that too from the use of the suction cups). Plus, this shower mirror for shaving is primarily targeted to men who are on a tight budget.

Well, with a sub price tag of $20 it does the job of serving as one of the premium shower mirrors in your bathroom. Noticeably you won’t have to think about how to keep a mirror from fogging up in the shower with this one. The only thing you might find a bit disoriented is the lack of storage hook for your razor.

Also, if you really like this mirror shape, this might be something that you must have in mind whole going forward with the purchase or checkout. For getting the fogless advantage, Mirrovana depends on the chemical coating which can deteriorate the extended usage. So, to lengthen the life span of this product, it is better if you don’t place it directly where the water falls.

Plus, if you want to chemically treat this fogless shower mirror by yourself, then you can purchase the Quick Spit Antifog which can be a great complimentary one for you.

ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

Now, this is an incredibly great shower mirror from the ToiletTree. It features various features that work great whole shaving in the shower. It has a mounting method and this is based on the silicone adhesive. So, you won’t have to worry about this fog-free mirror from falling off the wall just like the suction cup ones.

As stated previously, this shower shaving mirror has a reservoir right behind the plate of glass. So, the heated mirror will avoid the fog from getting formed on the surface while you are showering. If you don’t put a chemical coating on this mirror, it will continue to degrade in terms of performance.

The presence of the additional feature of this mirror is what makes it one of the easiest to use shower mirror and stand out among others in the market. Plus, this mirror will feature a streamlined shelf where you can easily place your cartridge razor among the showers.

Another important advantage of this mirror is that it has a built-in squeegee that is used on the surface. This will make sure that it is drip-free for maximum clarity as well as performance. Now if you feel like splurging, then you can use models that have LED lights too.

No Fog Shower Mirror With Rotating Through Upper West Collection

One of the major caveats for various fogless mirrors that are described in this article is that they are affixed to the wall using the suction or adhesive cups. Here the primary utility of this shower mirror no fog is that it must stick to the wall at once and will even remain there for a lifetime of the mirror.

But if you are sharing the mirror with your spouse or any other family members/roommates, then the above mirrors won’t count or be in the best feature for individuals’ different height.

If this mirror is hung, then other sharing this mirror will end up crouching or standing tip-toed to view their face while shaving. Now this No Fog Shower Mirror by Upper West Collection is aimed to mitigate the inconvenience with regard to the 360-degree rotating shower mirror.

Plus in this shower mirror, you have the ability to pivot downwards and upwards as well as side to side. Also, you can adjust the mirror for maximum comfort. Also, just beyond the rotating neck, the mirror is guaranteed to be fog-free for a lifetime. All you have to do is apply hot soapy water on the surface while being in the shower.

Now for providing further peace of mind, this mirror is backed with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. There is an additional throw in about this shower mirror. If you are using the disposable cartridge or the so-called double edge safety razor, there is a piece of happy news for you.

best shower mirror

This fogless shower mirror comes with a separate razor holder that can be placed in the shower next to the mirror. Also, you have the option to place it somewhere more convenient.

ART+SOUND AR6001 WH Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker

While there is no better feeling compared to having a beer while you are in the shower, the next best thing you might want to have is a fogless shower mirror by ART+SOUND. No doubt this mirror is quite amazing.

With this fogless mirror, you get the daily morning traffic report as it has a built-in FM radio. Plus, the best part is if you don’t want to hear the boring commercials, this has Bluetooth connectivity.

Through the Bluetooth, you can easily stream the favorite Apple Music or Spotify playlist for getting an ultimate shower singing experience.

Here when it comes to a shower mirror for shaving, this is the perfect one as it is a coated mirror that depends on the suction cup for adhesives.

Also, it has a hefty bit of tech present in the mirror which the manufacturers clearly provide regarding the speaker. The speaker of this fogless shower mirror can withstand misty and some random splashes of water.

So, it is better if you place or hand this mirror right at the opposite end of the shower stall. In this case, it will be far away from the water and can easily increase the life of your favorite morning songs.


Irrespective of which or whatever shower mirror you are going with, you must ensure one thing. The installation process must go smoothly.

If the shower mirror is installed in a proper manner, then only it will have the best usage.

It is better if you get the manufacturers to do the installation process. In that case, you can avoid the later damages and other issues with regard to improper usage.  

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