Best Shower Radio – How to choose the best one?

Home Bathroom Best Shower Radio - How to choose the best one?

The most common scenario in people’s life is getting up for work and spend the whole day in the office or other workplace and return home and to go to bed. This circle repeats till their retirement, thus, you do not get that much time to enjoy the music or to listen to the news throughout the day.

You do not even get time for self-pampering or spending some leisure time with yourself. The only place where you get some solitude moment to relax is when you are in your shower room. Imagine having perfect music while you are in your shower room, sounds cool, isn’t it? You can play your favourite track whether its rock or pop or metal, you can groove your feet while taking your shower or while shampooing.

Best Shower Radio

That is not everything

Or you even can listen to the commentators of your favourite cricket or football match. A small radio in your shower room can give you all the pleasure. Every lady at some part of her life has related to the condition of using a hair mask and letting it dry in the shower room.

The chances of getting bored with a hair mask on are high, but, if you use shower radio you can spend the time listening to your favourite songs and other radio-related recreations.

The shower radio not only gives a luxurious look to your home but also offers you a good time in the shower room.  So, without making any late Furnish your shower room with the best shower radio and let your guests praise your sophistication.

Why should you go for a shower radio?

Listening to some stuff while spending your time in the shower room has always been a fantasy of many of you.

There was a time when people had to struggle with the plug-ins of their old big radio to set in the washroom for having a pleasurable time. But, today’s technology has made it extremely handy and simple for the people.

A shower radio offers you to have fun during your bath or shower. It is more useful in case of encouraging your children to take a bath.

Most of the time, the little children create troubles and difficulties to their parents during the bath time. This small but efficient gadget presents them much joy, and, cheers them to sing and dance while they are enjoying in the tub.

Shower radio is the best way to release your stress after a hard day.  You can sing along your favourite tune being played in your radio device.

It is also helpful for planning an important outdoor while taking a shower without wasting any time.

For instance, suppose you have some outdoor events these radios provide you he correct updates of weather and traffic reports.

Apart from all these entertainment and support, few of the radios allow you to talk over a phone call. This facility cuts the risk of damaging your cell phone from the shower water.

Why you should not choose the low-quality shower radios available in the market?

In the local market or the online market, many low-quality shower radios are available at a cheaper rate. Your eye may catch the attention of those radios, but, those cheap products are not long-lasting.

Within a few months, your investment can go in vain as the gadgets might end up getting dead. You may repair those gadgets again, but, sooner they are going to stop working.

So, instead of spending money on the same gadget, again and again, the best thing you can do is getting the best shower radio according to your shower room at a reasonable price from Sony shower radio.

sony shower radio

The incredible discovery of the small handy gadget provides you with the high-quality sound effects and endless entertainment or information of the outer world while relaxing in your bathtub.

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Qualities of the shower radios to keep in mind while purchasing

A fine quality shower radio not only lasts long but also provides you with the best sound effects, unlike the cheaper ones.

Here is a list of few simple yet worthy features that you must check out while buying a shower radio:

Sound quality

This is the most important and vital fact to notice in a shower radio is the sound quality. Check the sound clarity and pitch minutely before confirming a device to buy.

If you are wondering, where to buy shower radio, you can simply check it online or from the nearby stores.

woman showering

Waterproof and water-resistant

The most important thing to keep in mind is choosing between the waterproof and the water-resistant shower radio.

One may get confused between the two; in simple language, you can say water-resistant and waterproof are not same.

The shower radios that are labelled as waterproof do not tend to get damaged even if getting extended contact with water. Whereas, the water-resistant showers can resist the damage if a little amount of water is contacted.

Before purchasing a shower radio for your house make sure to do proper research.

bluetooth speaker for shower

Battery life

The crucial part of judging a shower radio is by its battery life. Usually, a fine quality full charged shower radio runs for at least 7 to 10 hours.

A well quality shower radio will run for a long time compared to a cheaper one.  To make it clearer, shower radios with C or D sized battery runs longer than the radios that use AA or AAA batteries.

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There is nothing more frustrating than charging up a device, again and again, that does not provide a service of at least 5 to 7 hours. You must opt for a device that allows fast charging and provide a sufficient playback time.


Then comes about its interface, you may choose between the digital and analogue display. Generally, digital radio is more convenient to operate.

In the analogue display you may find troubles in adjusting the frequency. But, both of them are nice to fit in your shower room.

Station presets

Before buying a shower radio, find out if the radio you are going to buy has the feature of station presets.

Suppose, you were having a good feeling with your favourite tracklist in a radio station and suddenly it started telecasting advertisements. Will not you get irritated with this? But, there is a solution to that problem.

Most of the top class shower radios have the capability of presetting the stations, few of them offers a good as 10 presets. This facility helps you to change the stations during the telecast of advertisements.

The facility of microphone

Now, with the blessings of some shower radios making a call while in the shower has become easier.

Keeping your needs as a priority some of the companies include the feature of a microphone with the radios.

This facility allows you to make and receive important calls easily from your shower room while enjoying the entertainment with the radio.

Mounting of the radios

Different radios are mounted in different ways in your washroom. Some of them are hung with the suction cups and the other use the showerhead to hang up.

The ill grip of the suction cap can cause the radio to fall on the washroom floor and get damaged. Thus, observing the mounting of the shower before hanging it is essential to notice.


Well, this might sound unworthy to some of the users, but, the style of the device is equally important as the other key features.

So, purchase a radio that suits the decoration of your shower room and gives it a classy look.

Different types of shower radios that are easily available

Several companies are producing different shower radios at different price range depending on their durability, battery life etc.

Sony shower radio has well fame in the market of shower radios.

Sony gadgets are very easy to use as well as the brand is delivering its high quality and trustworthy products for years.

Among them take a glance of the most popular categories in the shower mirror-

Digital shower radio

These shower radios are one of the most popular categories as these radios search the channel automatically. Thus, you do not need to find the channels when one channel is put on the advertisements.

The digital shower radio is there to do the task and give you endless fun and merry.

These radios also have the facility of the presets buttons which enables you to make a preset list of your favourite stations. Now, coming to the installation process, these radios are easy and safe to hang on the shower wall.

These radios come with the waterproof as well as a water-resistant feature with a good period of warranty.

bluetooth speaker

Analog shower radio

This type-in shower radio is quite popular among users.

The only reason for giving priority to the analogue shower radio is that these radios allow you to select the stations manually. With the analogue shower radios, the users need to adjust their preferred channels in a simple and easy way.

Another reason to stick by the digital shower radio is that it is easy to install, the durability power is also well and fine depending on the brand from where you are buying.

The Sony shower radio has a range of waterproof Analog radios for decorating your shower room. The price of Analog shower radio is also cheaper compared to the rest of all.

Shower radios with Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth shower radios are the most popular and most suitable radio shower among the users.

The price of these shower radios is a bit more expensive than the previous two, but, the quality and features you attain from these radios are excellent and unbeatable. These wireless Bluetooth devices are easy to install.

All you need to do is simply connecting it with your handset, iPods, tablets or even computer and you can play your favourite tracks from different gadgets.

Playing your chosen jams are far more fun than the playlist created by the radio stations. Get your Bluetooth shower radio from Sony shower radio and get amazing offers.

Travel shower radio

The travel shower radios are a fine invention for frequent travellers. These portable radios are much easier to carry and to fit in different shower rooms.

The design model of the travel shower radio is the simplest among all others. These radios are flexible and compact which made it easier to install in every place.

The travel shower radios can endure for long if you purchase it from any well-known brand and use it correctly with proper care

Clock facility in shower radios

The latest shower radios include an interesting feature of the clock. With the shower clock radios, apart from adjusting the stations, you can adjust the time too.

These radios enable you to set alarms, watch time etc along with the nonstop recreation and fun of the radio.

man in the shower

Shower radios with weather alert

These days some of the shower radios come with the feature of a weather alert.

With this facility, you can easily keep your eye on the weather of your surroundings without any effort of searching it on the internet.

These weather featured radios are reasonable in price with great sound quality and durability.

Shower radios with CD players

Some of the showers radios have the special quality of supporting the CD player. Nothing can be this comforting like this right?

These shower radio players need neither Bluetooth connectivity nor other ways of changing the channels. You simply load your favourite jams in the shower radio CDs and play it while enjoying a self shower spa.

Now, with the proper knowledge in the top categories of the shower radios choose your design and model wisely.


Regardless of which shower radio, you are choosing to buy, make sure that, it matches with all the key features discussed in the above article.

Install it with cautious and charge it whenever needed.

No gadget will stay with you life-long. Thus, select the best one and use it carefully to avoid sooner damage.

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