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Most people in the countryside enjoy gardening. The beauty of this hobby is that you can attract a lot of wildlife to your yard. You don’t have to own a big garden for you to achieve this. If you love birds, draw them to your garden by getting a birdbath bowl.

Through this bowl, you give them a conducive place to drink water, clean their feathers, and even socialize with other bird species. Most of the gardeners set different birdbaths at strategic locations in their yards to keep birds coming all through the year. If this is what you desire, you need to learn how to make a concrete bird bath bowl or buy one online.

Choosing an already made bowl can save you time and money. The market offers these bowls in different materials, styles, and sizes. Prioritize on selecting the best birdbath so that birds can have a wonderful time on your yard. You have to make specific considerations as you compare different types. We can help you out and save your time by discussing some of the highest-rated bird baths available. We will also give you the key factors you need to make as you look for a good bowl. Enjoy!

Best Bird Bath Bowl – TOP 5

Which are the best bird bath bowls?

Evergreen celestial glass

Create a centerpiece in your yard by choosing this birdbath. It is a colorful glass bowl that can attract all kinds of birds. The bowl is made from durable glass to give you service for years. It also comes in an embossed design and has some vivid colors such as pink, orange, and yellow.

Since the bird bowl is made using glass, you should not leave it outdoors for long when the weather is too cold or windy.

It is a delicate bath bowl that you should handle with care. Feel free to choose the bowl from the variety of designs available. Some of them include the hummingbird or dragonfly design.

Regardless of the piece you choose, you should get a metal stand to secure it in position. This stand measures around 16 inches in diameter.

Due to the beauty of this bowl, it can also be a decorative item on your balcony.

Most customers who have bought it before are pleased with the high-quality construction of this bird bowl.

  • Has a cheery color that attracts birds
  • You get different design options to pick from
  • The surface is smooth and straightforward to maintain
  • A collapsible stand available

  • It is small
  • Quite fragile
  • No rim

Songbird SE568

Do you enjoy taking pictures of birds on your porch? You need to invest in a good birdbath that lets them stick around for a while.

Consider choosing this deck mounted bowl that can help you achieve that. It is a non-heated bowl that contains a cedar rim that creates an excellent environment for birds.

The terra cotta colored bowl not only attracts birds but also comes in an ideal size for both large and small birds.

You have to learn how to mount this bird bowl before purchasing it. Thankfully, it comes with some assembly instructions that are not complicated. Its mounting bracket should not affect your deck railing negatively.

If you are on a budget but still want a nice birdbath, then this model was designed with you in mind.

The problem with this bowl is that its material wears out quickly due to exposure to the sun. You have to think about bird bath bowl replacement after some time.

  • The cedar frame fits well in your deck
  • Simple installation
  • Easy cleaning

  • Since it is a plastic bowl, it is not long-lasting
  • Some customers reveal that it is not as beautiful as some of the models


Ceramic bird bath bowls are known to be of high quality, and this specific model is no exception. Apart from its durability, this bowl can withstand any weather conditions without getting damaged. It comes in a weather-resistant finish that hinders it from developing rust after some time. You will also like how easy it is to clean.

The beautiful blue glaze of this bowl captures the attention of both birds and humans. It is a multi-purpose bowl that can act as a feeder or birdbath.

Some gardeners also like using this bowl as part of their outdoor décor.

Most of them enjoy the easy installation of this bowl. Since it comes with a flat bottom, you can easily place it on a tabletop or even on the ground. You, therefore, don’t need any extra tools to set it up.

Its center is the most attractive since it has a raised flower where birds can rest on. Since it comes in a low height, birds that like dwelling near the ground enjoy the sturdy water pool. Feel free to place this bird bath bowl on your deck, patio, or garden.

  • It is easy to clean and refill
  • Comes in vibrant colors

  • Comes in a small size thus accommodating only small birds

Kenroy concrete bird bath bowl

As we mentioned earlier, birdbath bowls come in different designs to appeal to the taste of everyone. While some of them are complex, others are simple.

This model tries to maintain simplicity while at the same time, offering an eye-catchy design through its concrete finish. It also comes in a rectangular shape that makes it visually appealing.

The bird bath comes with a support base that allows it to remain at least 22 inches above the ground. The bowl which rests on the top part provides an excellent platform for different birds to enjoy a dip.

Other small wildlife such as squirrels and bees can also enjoy a refreshing sip from the bowl.

If you go through the reviews of this bowl, you will find most customers praising its compact size. This makes it ideal for different settings.

  • It is not cumbersome
  • The birdbath is easy to assemble
  • You should not experience difficulties in cleaning it
  • It is sturdy

  • The piece is delicate and should be handled carefully.

What considerations should you make as you choose a birdbath bowl?

Birds love clean water. They not only drink it but also use it for bathing and getting rid of parasites in their feathers.

You can provide a clean source of water all through the year by getting the best bird bath bowl. Since the number of bird baths keeps on increasing, you have to know the right criteria to use during your selection.

Making the right choice can help you achieve the desired effect.

Considering the following factors also helps you narrow down the search for the right bird bath bowl.


Start by asking yourself the type of birds you want to attract to your garden. This will determine the size of the birdbath you choose.

Most birders find small birdbaths convenient and easy to use. If you, however, want to attract a variety of birds, then a large birdbath would be an ideal fit.

This not only provides room for more birds but can also minimize territorial conflicts.

Though a large birdbath holds more water, cleaning, and moving, it may be challenging. It is, therefore, essential to weigh the merits and demerits of a small versus a large birdbath and choose what can work best for you.

Durability and quality

The best bird bath should give you service for at least one year. For you to get a long-lasting one, compare the specific materials used in the construction of different models.

While the conventional models are made from concrete, modern ones are designed using copper, cast iron, wood, glass, or plastic.

As long as you take care of a glass birdbath, it should stay for long since the material is not easily affected by harsh weather.

Plastic, on the other hand, tends to fade and get damaged with time though it is easy to clean. If you want a high-quality one, focus on ceramic models.


An impressive warranty should accompany a good bird bath bowl. This can help you find out the quality of the birdbath you are about to purchase.

Most of them come with a one year warranty that you can use in case a part gets damaged within this period. Some manufacturers offer a warranty that lasts up to three years.

This extended period can give you more peace of mind since it protects your investment for longer.

Bird comfort

As you choose a birdbath bowl, you should not only focus on decorating your yard but also bird comfort.

The best ones come with a narrow lip that provides a comfortable perch for birds. Ensure you choose a suitable material that can offer great texture for even the smallest talons to find a secure grip.

A good bowl should be at least 1 inch deep. Some of the models provide both deep and shallow areas to provide room for different bird sizes.

The height of a birdbath also determines how comfortable it is for birds to use it. If you want to attract large birds such as quails and doves, consider getting ground-level bowls. Small birds, on the other hand, like drinking water from taller birdbaths.

bird bath bowl for sparrows
Sparrows at the city fountain. Birds are wet. Sparrows in nature. Female and male sparrows.


The appearance of a birdbath can determine if it will attract wildlife or not. Though this may seem like a non-significant factor, you should not overlook it.

Also, if you choose a birdbath that you don’t like, you will not be motivated to keep it clean.

Ensure you get one that fits your personality and style.

You should also consider the design of a birdbath before choosing one. Birdbaths often come in different styles. Some of them are wall-mounted, while others remain standing on the ground.

Such birdbaths do not have a complicated setup. If you go for a hanging one, you should have a plan on where you will put it to secure it well.

bird bath bowl
two homing pigeon brid drinking water on roof floor

Heating element

For you to attract a lot of birds, you should consider offering heated water, especially during the winter. Since other water sources are likely to be frozen during this season, birds can easily find warmth in your birdbath.  F

or you to achieve this, you should consider investing in one that comes with a heating element.

You can provide heat to the birdbath by getting an extension cord for electricity supply.  Most of the birders choose deck mounted bowls models during winter due to electricity requirements.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy an expensive birdbath, you can select a de-icer for the cold season. Feel free to place this in the birdbath when the weather is freezing.


Think about the overall cost of a birdbath and choose one that is within your budget. You can find both extravagant and cheap ones from online platforms.

As you compare the prices, ensure you get one that has all the right features for birds. You should also have in mind the cost of accessories as you compare different birdbaths.

You may have to buy some extras to attract birds as you discourage mosquitoes from enjoying the freshwater.

Adult male European Siskin, Spinus Spinus, Siskin in spring

Closing overview

Birdbaths are crucial in every garden. Research reveals that bird watching can help you relax and prevent you from stress.

They not only decorate the outdoors but also provide fresh water for birds.

Unfortunately, not everyone is keen on offering fresh water to birds. Some of the birders that focus on this are not keen on maintenance.

It makes a birdbath bowl a lawn ornament that is full of dirty water which cannot attract any wildlife.

If you want to invest in one, take your time to research so that you can get the right one that is easy to fill up and maintain.

To help you out, we have reviewed some of the well-known brands and offered a guide on how to choose one. Start searching for a concrete bird bath bowl near me and enjoy bird watching.


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